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Highest paying jobs in the world and for fresh graduates

IN 2017, at least 28,000 college graduates will be added to the ranks of the unemployed/under-employed in the Western Visayas.

The higher education program disciplines with the highest number of graduates are Business Education (31%), Teacher Education (18%) and Information Technology (11%). These qualifications of the majority of our fresh graduates are included in the Top Paying Jobs for Fresh Graduates recently reported by the, an online job site report.

According to the said report, the 2017 highest paying jobs for fresh graduates are law/legal services, healthcare-related, journalism, IT-related, education, actuarial science, training and development, banking/financial services, public relations, and advertising/media planning.

IT-related jobs, as the top highest paying job last year, slipped to fourth place. It may be because of the oversupply of IT professionals in the country today. Journalism includes brand writers, translators and online content writers.

Employers nowadays are likely not very strict on what school the graduates graduated. They prefer fresh graduates who are open to being trained, have good communication skills, and are sufficiently equipped with analytical and problem-solving skills as well as technological know-how.

The three factors that affect a fresh graduate’s chances of getting hired are attitude, field of study, and asking salary.

The top ten industries that account for the most number of jobs for fresh graduates are business process outsourcing (66%), retail (2%), real estate (1.5%), manufacturing (1.5 %), food and beverage (1.4%), banking (1.2%), construction (0.9%), telecommunication (0.8%), trading (0.6%) and IT-software (0.6%).